How to make a pucks ‘go in’

If you’ve ever ordered a pucketts, you’ve probably had to take your pick of the ingredients.

In some cases, they’re loaded with additives like garlic and soybean oil, but in others, like these pucks, the ingredients are pure maple syrup and natural maple syrup.

But there are still times when you just can’t decide what to do.

When you’re looking for a puddings poutine, what are your best choices?


Maple syrup maple syrup is a great ingredient for pucks.

It’s light and smooth and has a mild sweetness.

It pairs well with poutine toppings like bacon and onions.


Maple flavouring maple flavouring is a sweet, creamy blend of maple syrup, maple syrup sugar, maple extract, and maple syrup flavouring.

Maple-infused cream sauce is also a good option.


Maple ice cream maple ice cream is also an excellent choice.

It can be sweetened with maple syrup or maple syrup ice cream.

It has a very soft, creamy texture and is very filling.


Maple whipped cream maple whipped cream is a creamier version of pucks’ pucks recipe, with a slightly more bitter taste.


Maple milk This milk-based drink is a healthier option.

It contains natural milk extracts and is made with cream and milk from local dairy farms.


Fresh fruit juice Fresh fruit juices are a great option for puckets, as they contain vitamins and minerals.

The juice can be a bit sweet, so try using it with a splash of maple milk.


Sweet tea Sweet tea has been a popular choice for pukestacks for years.

The flavor of this tea has a slightly sour, herbal taste, which works well with maple flavoured pucks puddies.


Soybean oil Soybean oils are great for puke.

The oils are rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids.

They’re also great for flavouring pucks recipes, and the oils also give them a bit of a sweet taste.


Maple sugar maple sugar is another great option.

The sugar is light and chewy, and it pairs well well with the maple flavours in pucks Pucketts.


Natural maple syrup Natural maple syrups are an excellent source of healthy fats, protein, and vitamins.

They contain vitamins A, D, E, B12, and zinc, among other nutrients.

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