Costco shoppers who don’t mind plastic bags will still find their own plastic grocery bags

The Costco and Sam’s Club shoppers who find plastic grocery bag options annoying will find their bags at least partially gone.

The retailer announced Tuesday that it will end the sale of plastic grocery shopping bags in all stores, with the exception of select grocery stores.

The decision was made to help address the growing popularity of reusable grocery bags and to improve the safety of those who buy them.

“Consumers want the convenience of reusable bags and we’ve decided to bring them back into our stores, just like we brought bags back to our stores in the past,” Costco said in a statement.

“We understand how important these products are for people who shop regularly, but we also know that the increased plastic pollution that is impacting the environment and the health of our communities is a health and safety issue.”

The Costco and Walmart stores that will be returning to plastic bags include Walmart, Costco, and Walmart Supercenter stores.

Costco will also be selling its signature Costco bag and Sams Club bag at select Costco stores, including the company’s locations in New York City and San Francisco.

The stores will also have additional options in their backrooms, with all of their products now available in grocery bags.

“While we will be providing our customers with an option to return bags to their original plastic bag location, we will not be selling our bags at the grocery store,” Costco’s chief marketing officer said.

“At Costco, we know the importance of our customers’ privacy and how they use our stores and we want to make sure that we do not have the opportunity to collect any information from our customers that we may be able to use for marketing purposes.”

The announcement comes as Walmart continues to expand its grocery pickup program, adding more locations in major markets like San Francisco and Atlanta.

In a statement to The Next Home, Walmart said it would continue to provide customers with the option to bring their shopping cart home, as well as to return items to the warehouse for pickup.

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