Which of the grocery stores is vegan?

VEGAN GROCERY STORES: Some grocery stores are vegan, while others say they will continue to sell animal products.

(ABC News) Here are some vegan grocery stores: The Chefs, which sells everything from homemade salads to frozen treats, is a vegan food store.

The store sells vegan and vegetarian products. 

Coconut Grove, which offers organic and vegan foods, sells organic and non-GMO products, including organic coconut oil, coconut flour, cocoa butter, vegan cheese, coconut oil and soy milk. 

K-Mart, which is owned by Walmart, is an organic grocery store.

It sells organic items, as well as non-organic items like organic meats, fish, seafood and dairy. 

McDonald’s, which owns the fast food chain, also sells vegan items. 

Burgers and Fries, which serves breakfast sandwiches, burgers, pizza and fries, is vegan. 

Chili’s, an organic Mexican restaurant, sells vegan dishes, including beans, tofu, vegan lasagna, vegan chicken, vegan shrimp, tofu scramble, vegan beans, vegan rice and more. 

Dairy-free dairy products can be purchased at Whole Foods Market, which also sells organic dairy products.

The Gobi Express, a small grocery store in Texas, sells a variety of vegan products, such as soy milk, tofu and vegan cheese. 

The store also sells other organic and organic products.

For example, it sells organic chicken and pork and organic beef, pork and beef, as it does with organic dairy.

(CK Daley, a spokesperson for the store, confirmed that the products were vegan.)

The Whole Foods in New York City has a “Vegan and Fair Trade” section, where customers can find more information on the foods they are buying and the suppliers.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, which operates three vitamin and mineral supplements stores in the U.S., sells products made from animal ingredients, including eggs, dairy, meat, fish and soy products.

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