Italian grocery store to open in Italy

The Italian grocery chain Gino’s is set to open its first shop in Rome.

The store will open in the old Piazza del Prato area, near the Italian Parliament building.

The news comes just days after Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced the construction of a new metro station.

The station will serve as a new hub for the country’s major commuter rail network, which will eventually be expanded to connect Rome with Naples and Naples with Genoa.

The Gino family has been trying to expand their grocery business in Italy for years, and today’s announcement is a welcome addition to their plan.

Gino Giochi, a spokesman for Gino, said the new store will feature “local, organic, and sustainable produce, fresh food, and other products of the Gino Family.”

Gino has long been known for producing fresh food in a small and humble manner, but today’s news is a big step forward.

The Italian Prime Ministry is currently working on a new rail line, but the plan is to open a new store in Rome’s old Pio del Pratos area.

The location will allow for the chain to reach the population of about 5 million people.

Gio’s is one of the few grocery stores that does not sell food directly to customers, and it’s unclear whether Gino will sell food there.

The new store could be GinoGio’s first retail location outside Italy, though.

The chain’s largest store, in Naples, is a large space, but Gino doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to open any new stores outside of Italy.

Ginos first store in Germany was set to be opened in March.

Now, the store is set for a May opening, according to a press release from the chain.

“This is a very exciting moment for our Gino families,” Gino CEO Stefano Giozzi said.

“We are excited to bring our Ginos brand to the new Rome and offer our customers the best possible food, the freshest, and of course, the best customer service.”

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