‘We’ll keep it simple’: Walmart shoppers get discounts on groceries at big retailers

Walmart shoppers at Wal-Mart and Target are getting some of the biggest discounts of the year on their groceries, with online retailers offering big discounts on grocery items.

The deals are being offered for grocery items from Wal-mart, Walmart, and Kroger, which are the largest retailers in the country.

Walmart announced the deals Monday on Twitter.

Wal-Marts online sales jumped 6.3% in the first quarter, while Target’s grew by 7.3%.

Kroger reported an 8.4% jump in sales for the same period.

Target’s deal offers a 20% discount off a wide selection of groceries from the three retailers.

The discount is not limited to groceries.

The Kroger deal offers 30% off groceries, while the Walmart deal is a 50% discount. 

The deals are available to customers who have signed up for Walmart’s free online shopping service.

They are available from Walmart.com, Walmart.co.uk, and Walmart.ca.

Walmart shoppers get $5 off their first purchase of $10 or more at the company’s grocery store in a Walmart logo sign, Jan. 1, 2018.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke) Walmart said it would offer discounts of up to 15% on groceries from select Kroger and Walmart stores. 

Kroger said the discounts will apply to its food and beverage items.

Walmart also said it was offering a $5 savings on a wide variety of grocery items at participating locations. 

Target’s deal was announced on its website. 

“The Kroger deals are for grocery products that you might be able to find in stores or online,” the company said. 

Wal-Mart said it had 1.2 million shoppers who have already signed up to the free online grocery shopping service, but the company is still working on an update for its mobile app and the website.

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