When is the last time you picked up a grocery bag?

The last time I picked up my groceries was two weeks ago, but I was a little nervous that the whole process would take me so long.

“It’s kind of a new experience,” I said to my sister, who is a registered nurse.

“You don’t think about it too much.”

She was right.

I had no idea when I would pick up my first bag.

We went to a convenience store, and when I asked for a bag, I was asked what size it was.

I asked if I could get one with a lid, and they said I could.

I looked at the packaging, and it said a large one.

As soon as I heard the word large, I knew I had a bag to get.

So I started by looking at the back of the bag, which showed the size.

It was the size of a small suitcase, which is the size I usually go to when I need to pack my groceries.

But I didn’t want to pick up the smaller bag.

I’m a bit of a slow picker.

Instead of picking up the smallest bag I can, I decided to go for the largest.

And the larger the bag was, the easier it was to fit in my hand.

For the first time, I got to take my first peek inside a grocery store.

The whole process took about two minutes, which was pretty awesome.

At first, it took a while for me to get used to the size difference between the bigger and smaller bags.

Then I started to get a sense of how much space I would need.

In fact, I needed about a quarter of an inch of space to fill my hand, which made the whole experience a bit awkward.

While the bags were filling up my hand in a matter of seconds, I didn.

It was weird.

Even with all my experience, I couldn’t find my own way to fill the bags.

So I ended up taking the small bag, and filling it with other things.

This was the first grocery store experience that I had where I was really happy with my choice of bag.

I really liked the feeling of being able to see my hand size and size the size next to it.

After the grocery store I stopped at a store called Family Dollar.

My sister’s husband worked there, and I was happy to have a good reason to walk into a store.

So when he told me to come inside, I said, “Okay, I’m here.”

He said,  “I think I’m gonna have to get you some paper towels.”

I said, “I want to get my hand sized.”

He looked at me, “What?”

I said. 

“I don’t know. 

It’s probably a size larger than your hand.”

He told me he could do it, and he had the paper towels.

I was happy.

I got my hand sizes on a receipt.

And it didn’t feel as awkward as it would have when I was first learning the difference between big and small.

I ended up getting the largest, the most luxurious, and the smallest.

Since then, I have never had an issue.

I have been using the size-related questions to help me find my personal size.

When I have gotten my hand-size wrong, I usually have been able to tell myself it was just a fluke.

Sometimes I have to find out for myself.

Because of the way I feel about my hand’s size, I sometimes find myself not being able or comfortable putting things in my bag.

When my hand is bigger, I don’t feel like it can be carried in my pocket.

I feel like there is a lot of space in my hands, and if I had my hand smaller, I would feel like I could put more things in it.

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