Heb grocery store pickup sparks controversy

Heb Grocery Store pickup sparks outrage among residents in southern Spain article Residents of a Spanish town that’s a popular destination for grocery shoppers are angered after a grocery pickup sparked controversy over an elderly man’s right to pick up groceries from his home.

The town, in a rural region on the outskirts of Barcelona, was built by Spanish immigrants and is located on a high ridge with views of the Pyrenees and Mont Blanc.

The local mayor, Ana Maria García, said the elderly man who picked up the groceries was not able to see or smell the products.

García said the man did not have the right to do so and that he would have to leave the area if the elderly refused to return.

Garcías said the local municipality had asked the local police to enforce the law prohibiting such a pickup.

The mayor added that the elderly was able to pick a few items from the bins but did not return.

In a Facebook post, García called for the municipality to “rethink” the ordinance and said she was willing to work with the grocery company that owns the supermarket.

She wrote that she hoped the elderly could get a refund for the groceries.

García’s post attracted hundreds of comments, with many saying that the man should be allowed to pick the groceries because the elderly can’t smell the items.

The owner of the supermarket chain, the El País newspaper, wrote on Facebook that the town’s law does not allow elderly people to pick things up on their own.

El País wrote that the store was only open at certain times, such as on weekends, and that it was the elderly who could pick up the products that were not available at the store.

Garcia said she had not received any complaints from residents in the town about the elderly pickers.

The elderly man was reportedly able to walk home after the supermarket pickup because he had a cane.

The store manager, Maria Corina Carrero, told the local daily El Paí that the owner had not allowed the elderly to come inside and that the manager would not allow the elderly into the store to pick his items.

She said that she has not received complaints about the store since the supermarket started operations.

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