The grocery outlet will go online in the spring 2018 timeframe

Next Big Futures – The grocery retailer Next Big has announced plans to launch its first outlet in the US in 2019, according to its chief executive.

The company says it will open a grocery outlet in a city with the same name as its hometown, New York City.

“We are committed to providing a wide range of convenient, healthy and sustainable food options to our customers, and we know this is a good opportunity for us to open a store in the United States,” Next Big president and CEO Alex Smith said in a statement.

“The future of grocery is on the horizon, and our goal is to serve as a catalyst for innovation.”

Next Big is the latest tech company to jump into the grocery business.

Amazon’s $5 billion purchase of Whole Foods last year saw the move from a traditional grocery store into a self-serve online store.

It also has a grocery delivery service, which it acquired in 2016.

And Amazon’s grocery delivery app, Prime Now, has made it easier for consumers to pick up and deliver groceries from a mobile device.

“While grocery shopping and delivery is our primary focus, we are also focused on building a food delivery network in the future,” Smith said.

“To that end, we plan to open one of our first stores in the Midwest in the fall of 2019.”

The company expects to open the first grocery store in 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska, the company said.

Next Big will also be the first of its kind to accept payment via credit card, Smith said, noting that customers will be able to pay using Amazon Pay.

“Our customers can expect to see their grocery shopping experience improved in 2018,” Smith added.

“There will be no physical cashiers, no cash register, no checkout, and no need for customers to enter their credit card information.”

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