Macy’s grocery delivery service is rolling out its own, more flexible ordering platform

Macy’s has launched its own grocery delivery app, with its own store locations.

The new app, dubbed “Macy’s Go,” allows customers to select their groceries from their smartphone and have them delivered to their door in their choice of two-hour delivery windows.

The app also allows shoppers to shop on Amazon and other retailers’ app stores.

The app will be available in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, the company said in a blog post.

The U.S. and Canada versions of the app will also be available on Nov. 2, and Nov. 17, respectively.

Macy said the app is not a competitor to Amazon’s grocery app, which is available for both the U.K. and the U, and will offer a variety of delivery options, including a single-item order.

Mally’s Go, which costs $3.99, is part of the retailer’s $15 billion $1 billion acquisition of grocery delivery startup Instacart.

Instacarn has said it is aiming to expand its grocery delivery business, with the goal of having 100 million groceries delivered by 2020.

Malls and other large retailers are scrambling to find new ways to compete with Instacarth as shoppers turn away from traditional delivery options and embrace online shopping.

The company has said that its service is a great way to make a quick purchase or receive an item from an outlet that may not be within the usual shopping cycle.

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