Why ‘God Bless America’ is a great way to say ‘God is great’

Why is the country still saying “God bless America”?

It’s a phrase with a long and rich history.

It’s been used in many contexts over the years to celebrate various parts of the country.

But it seems to be catching on now.

The phrase has become a rallying cry for many Americans as a way to express gratitude for the country’s history and its founding.

Some people say it’s a rallying call for all Americans to be patriotic, even if they don’t identify as Christian.

Some see the slogan as an act of defiance against the current political climate, as people in other countries are questioning whether or not the country should celebrate its own national holiday.

Here are the main reasons the phrase is getting so much attention.

Why is it being used now?

The phrase is gaining popularity as a rallying song.

Many people have embraced the idea of a country celebrating God’s love and blessings.

But that’s not the only reason it’s gaining traction.

In a poll released by The Christian Post on Wednesday, 62 percent of Americans said they wanted to see the phrase more widely used, including a majority of Christians.

In addition, the phrase has been used as a song in recent months to protest President Donald Trump.

In April, The Associated Press found that more than a third of Americans now think it’s time for people to stop using the phrase.

But what does it mean?

In English, “God is Great” means “God loves America.”

In the Bible, God created America to be a land of liberty and opportunity for all, not just the wealthy and powerful.

And in the Bible’s account of how God created the universe, God said that the world will end when the last human being in it died.

But the phrase “God Bless Americans” has never been officially recognized by the U.S. government, so it’s hard to know how it would apply to the U .


The Associated Christian Post poll also found that 57 percent of respondents said the phrase should be replaced by “God Is Great,” with about half saying it should be used only by Christians.

Does the phrase make you feel better?


“God” is a common English word, so many people have heard the phrase in a similar way.

But there’s a reason it has become so popular: It’s an expression of the belief that God exists, that God’s will is good and that His will is true.

In the Christian tradition, there are several passages in the Old Testament where God says that His people will prosper.

In fact, many Bible scholars agree that the phrase itself is the word for God, but they don’snt agree that it refers to God specifically.

What’s the biggest difference between the phrase and the words “God,” “Christ,” “Jesus” and “Merry Christmas”?

“God’s” is used as an adjective.

The word “God.”

There are two versions of the word “god.”

Some Christians believe the original Greek word for “God was” was “god,” but the Greek word “greek” was replaced by a version of the Greek words “god” and the word, “godly,” and so the original word is no longer used.

The “Godlike” version is sometimes referred to as the New Testament Greek.

But this is incorrect, as the word was never in use in the original Bible.

The Bible is filled with references to God in different contexts, but the word God is used most often in connection with the biblical text.

What does the Bible say about the use of “God”?

According to the New International Version of the Bible (NIV), God is a benevolent, loving God who created everything in order to bless His people.

God is the Creator of the universe.

God has created the world, and He has all the resources to create the next generation of people in the future.

God created all people to have a good life.

God wants to bless all people, and does so in many ways.

God’s plan for the world is that the entire world will come to an end.

God does not want people to be miserable.

God says to love others and be good to them.

God asks all people in His creation to be grateful for what they’ve done and to do better in the next life.

People will have to accept the end of the world as God’s punishment.

What are some of the things you see in the bible that you think are true about God?

God loves His people and He’s a merciful, loving, caring God.

Jesus said, “Whoever loves Me will love Me even more.”

Jesus said in John 13:11, “I am the way, and the truth, and life.

No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

There’s no other way to put it.

And the Bible also says that people will go to hell because of their sins.

What about the phrase, “America’s greatest country”?

Some say the phrase doesn’t refer to America

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