How to get the most out of the grocery store in Oakville

With a massive food and beverage company, Oakville has become a hub for retailing and grocery stores.

But when it comes to the food aisle, the area has some major problems.

The grocery store at 2102 W. 3rd St. is in need of major repairs, said owner and chief executive Brian McLeod.

We’re not sure what the fix is, he said.

We need a new building and that’s what we’re looking for.

“He said he has been looking for an affordable building for the past two years, but couldn’t find a building that could accommodate the store.”

We’re looking at all sorts of different options, but we’re not satisfied with the current situation,” he said, noting the store’s roof has a leaking roof and the store has a ceiling leak.”

It’s been a long-term problem.

“Oakville Mayor Don Taylor said in a news release last week that he’s looking to “rebrand” the area, but he didn’t provide specifics.

McLeod, who has owned the store since 2008, said it’s hard to sell the store to someone who has a negative attitude toward the city.”

There’s a lot of people who have been there for a long time and don’t like what’s happening,” he told the Sun Sentinel.

McLane said he’s had to look into a number of options, including the demolition of the current structure, but said he wants to keep the store open.”

I just want to do something for our community and for the community at large, and I think the community has been patient with me,” he added.

McLean said he plans to seek public funds for the project, and will try to find a new location for the store before the end of the year.”

The community’s been amazing and I just can’t thank them enough.”

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